About US!


IDEAL is known for:













      • Providing high quality janitorial service

      •  Providing you with the peace of mind to focus your resources and energy on your area of expertise

      • Getting the job done right by a professional and reliable crew, every performance

      • Ensuring your facilities are properly secured, the correct lights are turned off, the proper locks are locked, and the alarm is set ( if applicable)

      • Providing service in a professional manner without unnecessary complications

      • Notifying the customer immediately of any unexpected event ( no matter how minor) i.e., water leak

      • Adding value to your organization which far exceeds the modest investment in our service 

IDEAL Janitorial Systems is the professional choice among janitorial and office cleaning companies. We have over 30 years of experience and a strong commitment to each customer. We place a premium value on high quality service and total customer satisfaction. We are certain these values will show in the maintenance of your facility. After making a thorough survey and evaluation of your needs, we are confident the cleaning specifications in our proposal will provide you with the type of service you require and expect. Please call us and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for an estimate for all your cleaning needs.